Canon Ae-1: Covent Garden

I went to London with a friend for a few days last April. It never ceases to amaze me how much I feel like belonging there much more than my actual birthplace. Maybe the fact that it feels so ordinary for me to go there is the reason to such a small amount of pictures [four rolls only] and their poor quality. Or maybe it's just because I was all about buying clothes and take the time to shoot some good photographs felt like a waste of time.

Our hotel was a few minutes away from Shepherd's Bush Market tube station. It was quite dirty, and very very small. Everything smelled like curry: the stained, holey sheets, the dark blue curtains, the dusty moquette. I could smell it on my hair too, no matter how much shampoo I used to wash it. The landlords were Paki, the whole neighbourhood was either Paki, Ethiopian, or of other nationalities.

April 15th. We arrived in the city around noon. We had lunch in a cafè in Baker Street  and got to the hotel to leave our luggage, then we went to Covent Garden. The shitty picture below was the first I recall shooting in London. Actually, I took many before, but the first part of the roll got burnt as the camera back accidentally opened. Shit happens.

In the Apple Market there is this cool shop that sells the cutest things. I bought a mug that is kinda kawaii and helped two Italian kids who were having issues with the British Coin System. Which is quite traumatic, at first, for €uropeans.

I love Covent Garden. There is something so relaxing about it. It doesn't even feel like London, to me. It was just a shame we got there a bit late in the afternoon, 'cause I especially love it around noon, on a sunny day.

Being so late, the sellers at the stalls in the Apple Market were leaving. We just walked around, giggling for being in London again. We were just happy and without a care in the world. We saw a guy with crystal balancing balls, M was snapping all the time, I almost didn't, till this shop window caught my glance. The shop was so cool, with its mirrored walls, floor and ceiling. But our feet were hurting, so it didn't feel like the right time to buy heels.

I only bought that mug and Barry M's minty nail polish. We hanged out a bit and went back to the hotel. We stopped at Waitrose, and decided that's our favorite mall in UK. It just had to be. We bought sandwiches and had them for dinner in our hotelroom [nr. 24, let me write it down before I forget it].

Sidsel T.

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  1. hi, thanks for following! I like your series of disposable pictures, I also want to take more photos of that kind


  2. You're welcome, Cristina, thanks for your comment!