Analogue Buys: 5kgs of Lomographic Goodness

When the courier came on Wednesday morning with a 5kg package from Vienna, I really was over the moon. I signed the papers with shaky hands, said thank you to the DHL man, and run back waving a cutter like I was in some freaky rapture-moment, like those crazy people from some rural Indian village.

I couldn't believe the ActionSampler was so lightweighted, the Fisheye had such a pretty packaging [the cutest ever], the Diana Mini was that mini, the Pop 9 Gold was that shiny, the LC-A+ Russia Day was that... wow. It just is too tiny, too red, too lightweighted, just too much.

Obviously, this one is the camera I'm most thrilled about. I can't wait to take it somewhere cool and see what it can do. I love the red leather it is wrapped in and the cyrillic logo. The cable release, being this short, might only be useful for the B mode, it doesn't seem that useful for selfportraits, but I can't tell yet.

I must admit I was quite worried about the lens: its description read that "it comes with the original Minitar lens", but I wasn't sure it what either the Russian lens or its Chinese copy [though this dubt is just due to my paranoid nature, as you would expect a Russian lens from a camera named "Russia Day"]. It actually was the Russian Lens, that's the first thing I checked once I opened this box!

All the other plastic cameras arrived are fun and colorful, and I'd love to spend some days at the seaside just to try the ActinSampler and the Fisheye out! If I could only find somewhere to store all my cameras and rolls now...

Latest news: Lomography just published another article of mine! I wrote it some time ago and almost forgot about it! Here's the link to my article, Animal Experimentation with the Diana F+ and Diana Instant Back, I wrote it just for fun but it would be great to have some feedback! Too bad published it with enlarged pictures, now you can't almost tell what's in them!

Sidsel T.

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  1. ahhh! i'm am a bundle of joy and am so excited for you! <3 hehe all these analogue cameras make me so happy. :3 +your article was so adorable and funny! xxx

  2. Thank you, Tasha, glad you liked it! :-)

  3. hello friend, am a new follower, hope youll come and follow me too. you have a great blog xxx

  4. I would have had shaky hands too :) what a package!

    I think I'm going to have to write more and get some piggies for an LC-A soon, I can't believe I've gone this long without one lol