Canon Ae-1: Camden Town, Morning

Camden Town. Needless to say, my favourite place in London. Not only for the weird things you can find in its shops and markets, the punks and goths, the food. I love Camden Town because you can go there in your pj's, and no one would give a damn. If they ever notice.

I'm not much of the chaos-lover, I enjoy orderliness and quiet most of the time, but here in Camden nothing seems to bother me. The last time M and I went here, we were looking for an album in a record shop, and when we got out there was a massive fight right in the middle of the street, with police cars, ambulances, and tourists snapping, of course.

This time a few police cars stopped as well, but nothing cool happened. It felt much like a lazy day.

We shopped a lot, mostly in the markets, and had lots of fun as always. I know it's lame, but I have to confess that the first shop we entered as we left the tube was H&M's store, as they had great sales and... well, we seem not to be able to avoid entering any H&M store on our way.

I can't recall what's into this shop, we didn't get in, I guess, and though the picture sucks it was quite impressive in real life. I've also taken tons of pictures of the graffiti in Camden, but the light was awful and my experience with SLR so poor, that I'll better not upload them.

These rainboots. Sweet. I wish I shot this one horizontally as M did. It would have been focused better, too bad. I should really buy a pair of these next time I happen to be in Camden. Anyway, I've bought so many t-shirts i still can't believe I managed to store them all in my luggage.

But shopping was exhausting, so we ended up eating on those vespas along the river. I had a huge hot dog, though I regret not trying some ethnic stuff, but it was yummi enough. M decided to go Brit and had fish&chips, and she did actually regret it. I've had fish&chips once in my whole life and would never ever give it a try again. It just ain't my thing.

Sorry for the lame quality of the pictures, I'll try to fix it asap.

Sidsel T.

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


  1. oh wow! this place looks so cool, i'd really love to visit it! <3 and i've always been crazy about film slr photos, so no worries they still look beautiful to me. i'll be getting my grandpa's camera fixed up this weekend, fingers crossed! xxx

  2. Thanks Tasha! Camden is one of the coolest places on earth, to me!
    Can't wait to see your film pictures! xo