Canon Ae-1: Cadmen Town, Afternoon

After a not-so-light lunch we ventured out in the stalls market. It was amazing, as always. Despite liking the cyber-colossus outside, the place I like the least in Camden is Cyberdog. I used to have quite a kick-ass bag and a t-shirt from it some years ago and loved them, but the place itself is too crowded and the music too loud for me. Yeah, my days as a rockstar are over.

I like the atmosphere all around it better. I tried to look for what used to be the staircase featured on The Clash first record, but once again, failed. Also because I had so many shopping bags that I didn't really feel like running back and forth for a mere staircase.

After buying some more t-shirts and cool stuff, we went to Starbucks for my usual Frappuccino. The guy at the bar insisted for me to try it with the cream on top. "Everyone likes cream!", he said: he was quite shocked when I told him I don't like cream at all. Sorry, man. M hates coffee but wanted to be pictured with a Starbucks cup anyway. We had some poser-moments, you know. We all have.

Then we got on the bus headed for Waitrose and then our hotel, as we were already really tired. We were on the back seats, then a man sat next to us. His nails were dirty, his shoes holey, and his appearance wasn't very reassuring at all. He kept staring at the both of us with the corner of his eye, and we were getting quite nervous. He even took some dope out of his pocket and ate it.
We got off the bus, he kept following us, so we went into the supermarket, quite scared of his possible next move. When we went out, however, he was no longer in sight. We got back to our hotelroom and had a shower, dinner, and just fell asleep right away.

Sidsel T.

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.

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