LC-A+ Russia Day: Pete and The Pirates

Last month Bene and I went to see Pete and the Pirates playing live @Spazio211, my favorite place in the whole city. The Russia Day obviously came along, but in my film collection of nearly a hundred rolls the highest ISO I managed to find was a Fuji Superia X-tra 800. The photos of the gig itself didn't turn out well. Actually, they didn't turn out at all.

The venue we love so much is small and dark, except for this part [the entryway]. The stage is the smallest I've ever seen, it is just 15cms higher than the floor, making it very democratic but also painfully annoying if you wish to take a picture of the band from a distance.

We got two cokes [Bene was in charge as our driver, and I'm a good friend so I didn't drink liquors either] and sat at one of those high skinny tables. We had a nice view of the stage from up there. There were so little people that we went smoking outside and no one stole our table. How sad.

While waiting for the band to start playing, we talked and took pictures of ourselves, then the music started. I had only heard a couple of songs by the Pirates before that night, and liked them. Also, they're pretty cute in their Brit-style-ness. I mean, guys don't wear that kind of shoes and shirts in Italy, and that's a real shame. But I think that look suits Brit guys better, I guess that's for their pale skin, I don't know, that's just an opinion.

If I could talk to the Pirates, I would tell them not to blame it on their own selves if the audience looked bored and didn't feel much like dancing or interacting. The thing is, this place is the perfec hang-out place for the young indie-wannabe-elitists of town.

The thing I hate the most about this [shitty black pictures aside], is that their attitude prevents me from really enjoying myself at gigs. The singer felt a little depressed, I guess that's because we really are the shitty audience I told you. Bene and I make no exception: we spent the whole time sitting at our table, sipping our cokes, and even had a cigarette break. Just like you do at a boring conference. I feel sorry about it, Pirates.

On our cigarette break I noticed something was wrong with the camera: the film got somehow stuck somewhere, so I made some accidental double exposures. This one above is quite creepy, as it seems like  someone stabbed Bene, but it's also quite funny. The one I like the most is the first picture up up up  above. I only got mad when I realized the only half decent picture of the band got double exposed and it now looks shitty. I guess you could call this one an illfated roll.

I think Bene got some fucking attitude in this picture. Back from ciggy-time, we headed for the ladies' restroom.

Ok, now, this one requires a little explanation. Back in October 2006 Bene and I went to see ¡Forward, Russia! live in that very same place. We got bored 'cause we didn't like them much, and drank a few drinks [my dad took us there, and we didn't have a driving licence to protect anyway], and got little drunk. Well, it was just me, actually. We decided to go the toilet, and when Bene came out of the WC, she found me stretching on that same sink. She burst into laughter, when a nice English girl came in and started talking to me. Ever since, I kept telling anybody I met the brown-head lady from The Pipettes, 'cause I truly believe it was her. Five years later, which is today, I started questioning my sanity.

We like that toilet so much that we indulged in mirror-shots! I love the red light that shows whenever you press the shutter button of the LC-A+!

I took this one from the WC [standing still, you silly!], you can see me in the mirror above the sink.

In the very WC there is a mirror too. Could I ever miss the chance? No way. Also, the funny thing is that I didn't notice the "27-10" writing on the wall, and that's a nice and useful reminder, being that night October 27th!

Once at home I emptied my jacket pockets and put those bits and bobs on my desk along with my brand new Pirates' cd and the show ticket. And took a picture just for the sake of it. Then I put on the t-shirt [Bene and I always buy bands tees whenever we go to a concert], and decided to try an arm-length sel-portrait.

I immeditaley knew I'd hate it, so I went straight to my bathroom for a mirror-shot. Also because my bathroom looks weird, doesn't it?

Just for you to know: I can't really understand why would a fresh roll of ISO 800 film yeld more grain that an expired Fuji 1600. Fuji Superia 800? Never again. I guess I'll just get myself some Lomography CN800 next time. And stock up on Fuji 1600. 

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  1. umm, so... I LOVE THESE SHOTS. i know you're thinking they're so flawed and all but i like the way they turned out! :) hahaha i wish i could hang out with you and your friend one day. so much fun (the bathroom thing) and i like the way you write! <3 xxx

  2. Thanks Tasha, it would be wonderful to have you hang out with us! You know I'm a fan of your writing, your posts always reflect the feelings of a lot of people out there [I know I'm not the only one 'cause you always have tons of people leaving you sweet comments], and your words feel both so true and poetic. Your blog is so sleek. I love it! :-)

  3. Beautiful photos!

  4. Oh, this post really got me in a good mood! feels like you had a fun night!