Canon Ae-1: Birthday in London

Bunny whore on crack 
[just pretending]
'Cause it's good to be stupid sometimes.

I spent my 21st birthday in London with Marty. I was so disappointed when I came back and got my rolls developed 'cause there was only one picture off my birthday. I thought they were too underexposed or something like that, then two days ago I went to the photolab to drop some recent rolls, and there it was: "CAE-1/LDNBday" [I'm a pro when it comes to labelling]. I just can't tell you the anticipation I went through for the 90 minutes it took them to develop and print my pictures. I luckily was hanging around with Bene for some shopping, I would have been standing at the lab's counter asking "How much longer?" the whole time, otherwise.

This first one is the first shot of the morning. I was over excited: it's nice to turn 21 in a hotel room while travelling abroad with a friend for the first time completely alone, and the mess on my bedside table just put me in the best mood.

While I got back from the shower, I found this wonderful necklace on my pillow with a tiny happy b-day note by Marty: it was all too good to be true! She bought me this amazingly cute pendant the previous day in Camden, it's an owl [I've had a thing for owls long before it became fashionable] and as I've just mentioned, it is the cutest pendant in the whole world. It deserves a better shot, so here's one off the same roll I took once back in Italy.

No kidding, I told ya. Now, my first awful mirror-shot as a 21y.o. Marty always tells me I should turn the lens barrel with my hand placed under it, and I know I'd look more like a pro if I did, but I like doing things my old wrong way. Besides, I'm quite far from being a pro.

We spent the whole day in Oxford Street. The. Whole. Day. The worst thing about my bday was having lunch at KFC. I hate chiken, I hate to cook it, to eat it, I hate everything about it: its pinkish color, it's non-taste, it's awful consistency. I just hate it. Also, next time I'd gladly skip the 23748483kms queue at Top Shop, which was much of a disappointment. We managed to buy tons of shirts, vests, sweaters, bags, belts, anything.

We thought it would be cool to put all of our buys on the bed. We just took a couple of pictures, then we put it all in our luggage and had dinner. On the same bed [our room had a micro-desk but no chair, but we were always so tired the bed felt just perfect].

I wore one of the dressing gown bought at Top Shop and my bunny ears [bought the same day at Claire's], my "Leave Me Alone" sleep mask [also Claire's] and Marty took a picture of me [that's a huge parrott toy I named Mr Kingstone, bought in Camden for my 4y.o. cousin].

I'm so happy I've finally found these pictures, that's the magic of film, some things get lost, some thing get found. Also, I'm in love with all these light leaks, I'm in love with my Canon AE-1, and I'm so in love with film.

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  1. wow! i'm so glad you found this roll hehe, they are just some of the loveliest film photos i've seen yet. the light leaks and colours are beautiful! ah i'd really love to go to london for my 21st. :3 looks like you had the best time! (all the clothes you and your friend bought, aahhhh!) xx

  2. Thank you Tasha! Oh, you definitely should, London is magic... and you'd definitely have to indulge in some wild birthday shopping too! The best thing about it was the complete absence of sense of guilt after the compulsive shopping... it was my bday, after all! And you can't just go shopping in London everytime you feel like! ;-)

  3. Photos photos photos! I love all your photos. <3 They inspire me to take some of my own.

  4. These are great sets! It must have felt good finding them and yay for turning 21!! hahah i love your bunny whore on crack, reminds me of the movie mean girls! You're the very first person i know of who hates chicken other than my vegeterian friends but wow! I used not to eat chicken for a year but then i couldn't handle it.

  5. Thank you for your comments, Sarah and Celsee!
    I'd love to be a vegetarian, I tried to in the past, but my aversion to chicken is way less strong thank my love for red meat. I feel bad about it, but a huge bbqs would be the best possible bday gift for me!