Analogue Needs: Lomographic Wishlist

Just finished the 57-page Diana Microsite translation commissioned by Lomography Italia. I guess I just panicked when Open Office crashed down at page 56. I know, I should get myself iLife or some Windows-stuff but was waiting 'cause I want to upgrade to Macbook Pro ASAP - my 2008 macbook is falling to pieces.

I'm super happy as I'm about to receive tons of Piggies for this massive work to spend in Online Shop. I already already have quite a lot, so this is gonna be fun.
If you're any like me, you'll spend most of your free, consumistic time adding new items to your own wishlist.

Here's mine - just the Lomographic one:

1. Lomo LC-Wide
This is Lomography's big hit for the year 2011. Most of the people over at the Lomography community gave up on this camera for its price [€349], which is quite expensive, but let's face it: how would much your average Canon FD ultra-wide angle lens cost? Check ebay, that's right about €350. Also, wouldn't it feel much better to have your 17mm lens always in your pocket? I think it definitely would. And this minigon lens is made of glass, not plastic. And it seems to yeld even more contrast than the LC-A+!
If I didn't have so many piggies, I would totally save up for this one anyway. I do not own a LC-A+, but I guess I'd rather spend a hundred euros more to get my end on its 17mm version that on a chinese rip-off of a soviet camera [I wouldn't mind an original πomo, though, but I'm quite the snob one!].

2. Lomography Pop 9 Camera
Last year, I made my biggest Lomographic mistake. I bought a Supersampler. Loaded a 400ISO colour negative to it, and never got through those 36 exposures. What I hate the most about it is that I still don't know if I hold it upside down or if the subject even get in the frame. But I love multilensed cameras. Four lenses just don't seem quite enough, though, so the ActionSampler is out of the question. The Oktomat looks cute, but the sparkling gold of the Pop 9 just got me. I want it. I need it. And I have some more piggies to overcome these €39.

3. Tons of B&W 35mm film!
I currently have about 50 rolls of 35mm film [both colour negative&slide] sitting in a box in my bedroom waiting to be used and some other slide rolls in the fridge [you would hate me if you only knew how many rolls of Velvia 100 I have at 4°C]. I also have a dozen b&w 120 rolls I do not use as I already have other 120 rolls exposed that I cannot get developed [my city photolabs are embarassing, they're totally digi-idiots], some redscale 35mm and I even have two special emulsions I did very bad things to which I'm sure will result in some wicked pictures. Unfortunately, I only have one single roll of Ilford Delta 400, and that's all I currently own for my old school b&w needs on 135 format.
But things are gonna change as I'll grab a dozen Kodak Tri-x 400 Tx, some more Ilford films and some Fomapan. And if it only wasn't out of stock, I'd definitely get some Rollei too!

That's pretty much all of it. Well, that's a lie, I actually have billions of other analogue stuff I'd love to buy, but it's already 2:30am and no one cares about my Lomographic wishlist.

What about you? Do you have a photo-wishlist?
Tell me about it!

xo Sidsel

Sidsel T.

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


  1. I'm still puzzled what 'piggies' means? Is it money?

    I don't really have a wishlist in my head, because I still have to figure out what I have now. But when money would be no object, I would definitely want an action sampler, lot's of different roles of film to choose from, a Diana mini (I'm no snob as you can see) and, what the heck, I'll have that Lomo LC-Wide too. ;)

    (Nice to discover your blog!)

  2. oh wow. <3 yes, i think we do in fact have lots in common! i have a wishlist as well! there's one lomo at the top of my list that i'd most probably get on the weekend and it's the la sardina camera! <3 i cannot stop thinking about this little beauty and the photographs it produces. it'd be my first time properly using a film camera too. (: +how can a girl refuse to buy it with its super affordable price. :3 it's only about 200 dollars over here! hope you'll get all you wish for and more lovely things. xxx

  3. Thank you, Iris! Check your inbox and you'll find out everything there is to know about piggies! ;-)

    Thank you, Tasha! La Sardina is definitely a lovely camera, I would love to try it, but I guess that the LC-Wide should quench my wide-angle-thirst for this hot summer... maybe next time!
    I hope you did get this fishy-cam 'cause just can't wait to see some film pictures of yours! If you did get it, have a lovely weekend and take TONS of pictures, if you didn't... have a lovely weekend and go get one! <3