Konica Pop: Tower of London, A Goodbye

April 19th was our last day in London. We woke up pretty early, but M and I decided to go to Tower Bridge on a rush that eventually turned into one hour on the tube + 20 minutes at the Tower + one more hour on the tube. Once back to the hotel, we collected our stuff and left [and I left there a wonderful t-shirt I had bought for my sister in Camden too].

We arrived in Victoria Coach Station, in front of our National Express coach to Luton, at 12:59. It was supposed to leave at 1pm, so the driver didn't allow us to get on it. So we had to buy two more tickets for the airport, and wait one more hour.

Once on the coach, we got stuck in the usual car jam for quite a long time. Our flight was to depart at 4:25pm. We were quite afraid we might miss it. We luckily were being entertained by a little bilingual girl who left the both of us speechless. It was one of those few moments that make you go "I want to have kids someday". Than you see another kid puking on his mom's neat dress, and you remind yourself of how simple life just is this way.

Once at the airport, we were lucky enough to be offered two priority boarding pass by the hostess, who also put our hand luggage in the stow. Aren't we two lucky girls?
On board we had two wonderful croque monsieur sandwiches [we were pretty starving], we landed in Milan on time and then M's parents brought us home. 

It was a wonderful time and I really can't wait to go back to London again -I'm addicted!

All pictures taken by me with my beloved Konica Pop on Fuji Sensia 200 except the last pictures, taken by M with my camera.

Sidsel T.

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


  1. lovely photos, I love London too, we lived there for a year and I miss it everyday, I still haven't taken my cameras there though we I can't believe.

  2. wow. <3 these photos are beautiful, Sidsel! your photos always are. i'd love to travel to London soon, it look fantastic! +congratulations on your photos being on Lomography, that's awesome! (: xxx

  3. thank you, tasha, you're always too kind!
    I so loved your first video, keep it up with the filmmaking!

  4. Your photos are seriously making me consider using my film camera again... these are great! London looks amazing. I love the blue tones in this set of photos :)

  5. Thank you, Brenda! I think you really should, I've never been so fond and proud of my pictures during my digital days. Film is magic.