Holga 135 BC: Summer 2010, A Strip

Last summer M and I went to the seaside and stayed there for three week. Our friends J and then G came for a visit too. I only shot one roll of film, an expired Velvia 100, but took a lot of pictures with my Diana F+ with the instant back. I'm quite fond of the pictures produced by my Holga 135BC... though I had to wait 'till December to get them developed [and I also had the usual fight with the guy at the photolab to get my roll cross-processed in C-41 chemicals].

As usual, they didn't print all my negatives [don't you ever get me started on that], and I couldn't quite figure out what shot #22 was all about. Tonight, after finishing my last batch of Lomography.com microsites translation, I finally managed to find a free online tool to reverse negatives. Nothing too professional, I had to do some iPhoto editing as the picture could barely be seen, but there he was in shot #22, J. I haven't seen him since last summer. We no longer talk, it's a pretty long and sad story. So glad to find him in that shot. It's kinda hard not to miss our long, random, drunk loose talks. Our days were utterly surreal, I can't think of a single lazy sunday afternoon that didn't eventually turned out in something crazy, risky, and possibly illegal too. I could write a book about it. I might do that someday.

Now, back to the now. Last Sunday we went downtown and after a yummi brunch we went to visit a Baroque exposition. Not being much of a fan of 17th century art, I was lucky enough to find some medieval German glassworks. And some illuminated manuscripts. And a series of paintings that really inspired me. I snapped a few pictures with my beloved red Konica Pop, mostly architecture and us having brunch, but that was just a simple 400 ISO colour negative, nothing too exciting.

I forgot to mention that I acquired a new marvel box some time ago: a green Konica Pop! It's so lovely and everything seems to work fine, I still haven't tested it yet as I'm saving it for a Fuji Provia to cross process. A green camera deserves some "green film", doesn't it?

Sidsel T.

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  1. oh, how i want so much to see more more your photographs! <3 i am loving film and been itching to try shooting in film! such beauty. and thank you so so incredibly much for your comment, love. the one about my seeing my photographs heal you. i am so touched by it and it's probably one of the best compliments i've gotten for my photography! (: you are such a lovely starlight. xxx

  2. @ Tasha: Thank you!

    @ Tina: You're welcome!

  3. I love the film strip!!!!!! It's always nice getting old rolls back : )