Olympus µ: Wannabe Medieval Castle

The city I live in is in Northern Italy. It ain't the bast place in the world, and I really don't like it. I wish I knew for sure I will not spend the rest of my days here, but I surely do not want the earth to swallow it all up. Also because all my cameras currently reside here, so you see I really don't wish it to happen.

I experienced the first real earthquake of my life yesterday. It was only measuring 4.3 but it was quite scary anyway, also because our territory is not classified as earthquake-prone so we really didn't expect this to happen.

Now, talking about the city itself, it is full of rot, but it also has its own nice quirks. Like a 18th Century castle made to recreate a medieval town. Does it make any sense at all?

Except for medieval rip-offs and earthquakes, yesterday I was quite happy as another article of mine got published on Lomography.com.

Sidsel T.

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  1. awww! i hope you're all fine over there after the earthquake. so sorry to hear about it. /: i'd love to visit all of Italy though, if i could! hehe. it seems like such a beautiful place. <3 and i don't quite like where i live as well, mainly because it's too hot here but hey! every place in the world must have some upsides. (: +congrats on the article! xxx

  2. Thanks Tasha, it was a moderate earthquake, thankfully, we're all fine - except for some small things in my bedroom that fell off the shelves :-(
    Quite scary, though!
    Oh, Italy surely is beautiful, it has lots of troubles but it is full of both cultural and natural marvels, I just can't stand the ignorance and smallmindness of most people here. Mostly because it damages our Country.
    With regards to the city I live in... I guess I'll just never get used to it!