Lomo LC-A+ "Russia Day": Absorbed

I love the new uni, I really like my new mates and I don't really mind having an exam per day for these two weeks. I just hate that I can't get to take any pictures. I should totally snap a whole roll just to show you where I've been spending my days lately. I definitely should. But, honestly, I'm glad to say that photography is the least important thing in my life, at the moment.

I hope Bene and I get to do something worth taking pictures of this weekend, though. Also, I should drop some rolls off at the photolab. Also, I still have 4 rolls of 4 different types of film loaded to 4 different cameras to finish. Not to mention medium format film. I suck, I know.

Anyway, t's 10:30 in the morning and I'm about to have my French simultaneous translation exam in a few hours and I just need a break. And some breakfast.

See ya guys, I'm off to eat something.

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Canon Ae-1: Tiny T.

Last post featured my mom's jumbo puppy, aka Big T. This time it's all about my sister's tiny pomeranian, aka Little T.
This little guy's been living with us since 2006 and yet I don't have many pictures of him... like less than 20, digital pics included - omg! This is mostly due to the fact that he's an hyperactive buddy always on the go, and ain't no shutter fast enough to capture him. Some time ago I was lucky enough to find him sleeping on my bed while I was hanging around with my camera, so there he is. Isn't he cute?

I'm in love with the lightleak in the first picture and I'm in love with my Canon Ae-1 too, obviously!
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Canon Ae-1: TroubleMaker

Last summer my mom had the worst idea ever: taking a Rottweiler puppy home. I mean, she's cute and all, but she's such a troublemaker. At least, I have another subject to take pictures of, and she's so lazy that she never minds to pose for me.

Let's face it, this girl looks pretty intense. She was only five months old when I took these [last October], she now looks more like a nasty killer-dog, and weighs a ton. And loves to chew stuff.
Don't tell mom I put these on the www, or she might think I'm kinda fond of her puppy, which is not, I promise :-)

Canon Ae-1 + Fuji Superia 800

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Lomo LC-A+ "Russia Day": Time Well Spent

Late October. Waking up late, eating pasta on my bed while watching The Vampire Diaries, reading, drawing, watching some more tv and then going back to sleep.

Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day & Fuji Superia 800
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Analogue Buys: Christmas Gifts

Happy New Year, people! I got myself four new cameras to celebrate this new year... four cameras and something like 50 rolls of film. Yes, I'm totally addicted.

I've been tracking this 1982 toy camera by Fuji on ebay for quite a long time. It was €49 [ + shipping], a price you shouldn't be willing to pay for a cheap piece of plastic dating 8 years prior to your birth, but well, "'tis the season to  be jolly  spend money", so mom bought it for me.
Believe it or not, this camera looks even more red in person. Also, it visually reminds me of some other cameras I own. The lens reminds me of the Holga 135 BC, its plastic body looks like a Diana, the shutter button is like the one of the Olympus XA, its color makes me think of my Russia Day and my red Konica Pop, and it feels as sturdy as the cheapest disposable. I like the feeling I get when I hold it in my hands, it's like holding all those cameras at the same time. That's silly, I know.
By the way, the camera you see in the picture is exactly the same one I bought: isn't it lovely? ;-)

I've always wanted a wide cam that fits in any bag to carry around at all times. When I started writing commissioned translations for Lomography Italia I decided I'd save up to buy the über-expensive LC-Wide. When I finally reached the necessary amount of piggies, it went out of stock, so I bought the Russia Day instead, which costed me the same money and looks cute and all, but it ain't a super-wide camera. I saved up again and again, but decided I'd rather build a collection of toys and film rolls instead of spending so much on a single item. That's how I got to buy a Fisheye, a Diana Mini, a Pop9, an ActionSampler, a Holga 120 CFN, and an embarassing amount of film [35mm, 120, instant].
I currently have about 60 piggy points and commissioned translations are becoming fewer and fewer, so I doubt I'll get the LC-Wide any time soon, that's why I'm more than happy with my brand new Popeye Camera! Also, look how funny its packaging is! It's like a spinach tin! And this camera is so tiny that it will most likely live in my bag. Or in my pocket too.
This camera is quite hard to come by, and the Four Corner Edition comes hand-numbered [mine is /150, but it basically is like any other Wide&Slim clone [22mm, f/11]... it just looks prettier!

If you didn't know about this camera yet, I'm sure you'll need one as soon as you read this post. This is the cutest, funniest, lightest, loveliest, sweetest camera ever known to mankind. Full stop.
I usually don't like elephants [and apes, I guess that's because of all that Dumbo and the Jungle Book stuff when we were young], but this time I just couldn't resist the light plum color and the sweet face of the little elephant. And the best thing about its design could be the camera back [I'll show you some pics of the camera itself as soon as I get to finish my first roll with it].
The fake straw on top works as a "shutter button": its speed is said to be 1/100, but mine seems to work on a B-setting, as it doesn't shut 'till I release the shutter button. We'll figure this out, I guess.
This tiny baby's lens is quite wide too [28mm], and I just can't wait to take it to some crowded place to take lots of candid shots of unaware strangers ['till they notice and beat me up].

If I ever get to write down my complete collection of film cameras, you'd most likely think I have some kind of a fondness for multi-lens/weird format cameras. I do actually like them, but I rarely have the carefree attitude you need to play with those. That is to say that I doubt I'll ever enjoy my Split-Cam that much, but as it, as far as I know, out of production, I thought I'd better have to grab one before they're all gone. I guess this is the sort of camera which is too weird, the kind you get bored with easily. Also, this camera is an ugly duckling. It is most likely the worst-built camera ever, and it is quite big too. It looks clumsy, but not in a cool way [like a Holga, for example]. It just looks cumbersome. Okay, now you know I'm that shallow, too bad. Will this camera ever grow on me? I don't think so, but let's just wait and see :-)

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