Konica Pop: August, Sunday Morning in the City

We don't have skies that blue so often, 'round here. I took this pictures on a hot, early August sunday morning. We went to the city centre, we had breakfast at some pavement cafè, we looked at the shop windows, at the people and the dogs passing by, and slowly reached what I guess you could easily call my city's most famous castle.

As we're all quite artsy people, we decided to visit the castle, which also happens to be my city's Museum of Ancient Art. I'm more into 19th and 20th century art, but I've also developed an interest in Christian religious art throughout the centuries since I was in junior high. There were some paintings by Gaudenzio Ferrari, who was a 16th century artist coming from the place I spent my childhood in, so I'm always glad whenever I have the possibility to take a look at some of his work.

I was particularly impressed by a series of Vanitas paintings, most likely my favorite theme in art [I didn't mean to sound macabre]. I especially loved an almost black and white triptych from circa 1500, just a dark, gray piece, plain oil on canvas, but I've never seen anything like dating so old. I was stunned. Unfortunately, I didn't have a pen with me [which happens something like, one in a million days], so I couldn't take note of all the paintings I wanted to do a little research on: I guess I'll just have to visit the museum again - which is something I love doing!

Also, there were a few amazing stained glass works from the Middle Age from Germany. Amazing indeed, if you're any like me, they teminded me of some German Expressionist woodcuts [another of my art-favorites].

My Konica Pop [the red one] never fails me. I love it to bits. All these pictures were taken on a Lomography CN 400, which yelds quite vivid colors, add the wonderful Konica Pop's lens, et voila, colors will just pop out of your pictures! Sure the sun did help a lot, you know, everything looks perfect on sunday morning, and the city feels so much better in August. We should have summer on sundays all year long!

Sidsel T.

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