Holga 135BC: (Vertical) Summer 2010

Some pictures I took in Summer 2010 with my Holga 135BC, the film is Fuji Velvia 100 expired cross processed. I'd love to live in a world with such colors, it would feel so much better.

I've managed to finish some rolls with my Konica Pop and Olympus XA. I've been using the SuperSampler every now and then too, and it's quite fun, especially if you have dog puppies all around, but I'm far from finishing my first roll [which has been sitting in that camera since Summer 2010 as well]. I still have three rolls from old cameras I inherited [Eos 100 from dad, Nikon FM from grandpa, Olympus µ from mom] to get processed. It's a tough time and I guess it would bring some comfort to look at some "new" old pictures, if something ever comes out from these rolls.
I still haven't tested my green Konica Pop, I love the red one too much! And I've taken many funny pictures with it - ikea, old friends and pub, and that's just a tiny hint.

Next week I'll be off to Milan and I really can't decide which cameras to bring along, sure thing my brand new Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day is coming, then I was considering the Fisheye for some cool self-portrait of me and my best friend with the Duomo di Milano in the background. We're both kinda lazy ladies, so a multilensed camera is not even an option!

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