Old Shots: Carnival

I'm quite sure I'll never fit it in in this city. It's not the idea of a big city that scares me, it's just this very city. Like, holidays are only ment to sleep 'till lunchtime and wear your pjs all day. No social gathering required. And I'm a bit of a loner myself, but I like going out with people I like doing crazy stuff. I like carnivals.

This is little American Indian me. I loved wearing that thing on my head. I've always loved feathers, as far as I can remember. Though my mom didn't want me to pick them up from the beach.
I didn't like parades that much, I liked dressing up and spray streamer battles the most. Also, we did have some very nice carnival traditions. Like fried treats, a special soup, collective wine binge drinking in the streets... and kids walk into the shops doing a sort of "trick or treat" [we don't have Hallowe'en, you know].

This is little Egyptian me. In elementary school we used to make our own carnival costumes, which was über cool. Also because I've always been the biggest attention-seeker kid of all time, and pretty much always managed to make some quite "visible" outfits!

I'm sure there are plenty other picures from past carnivals, except those from 2005 on, because I either didn't take part in any parade or party, or was too drunk to figure out how a damn camera worked. But those were the digital days, so I wouldn't upload them here anyway. I also live these two shots a lot. They were both taken by my mom, in 1994 and 1998, I guess. My age-guessing ability fails me when it comes to kids...

A whole post without a single picture taken by me feels like cheating, I know. I'll deal with it.
I submitted this article to Lomography.com about Fujifilm's Photo Rescue Project. Just saying.
Have a lovely day!

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