Lomo LC-A+ "Russia Day": I Feel Good

Long time no see, I know and I'm sorry. I've been über busy, lately. School is taking most of my time, then there's work and then there's hanging out with my pals. I couldn't feel any happier: I'm doing quite good at school, my last exams went 24/30, 25/30 , 27/30, three 28/30 and I even managed to get a 30/30 cum laude, which totally made not just my day or week, but probably the whole exam session!
I'm also making friends with the other kids in the first year [we're 90% girls, which is pretty awful and yet obvious when it comes to language schools]. I was afraid I could end up being the lonely girl having lunch all by herself for ages, but it's safe to say I'm doing good in fitting in.

I don't have much time to hang out with Bene & Hector, or N, or whoever, but last Friday Bene had a sleepover at my place and the next day we had some shopping [light shopping, sigh!] and then Chinese take-away dinner at my place with Hecty, who left at around 3am after a nice chat indeed.
Talking about photography, I totally suck. I was supposed to take some rolls to the lab but didn't manage to. Tomorrow I should be going shopping again, hope i make it to the lab [and really hope I get something half decent from these Christmas negs].

I guess I miss having a real blog, my tiny corner in the www to tell people about what goes on in my life. I know this was supposed to be all about my attempt at analogue photography and stuff, I'm not even sure I'll get back to heavy blogging about my worthless existence, feel free to unfollow me in case.

The mirror shot with my beloved bunny ears is just because. Just because I'm feeling good, and cheerful.
Lomo LC-A+ RL "Russia Day" + Fuji Superia 1600
September/October 2011
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Have a lovely day,

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