Lomo LC-A+: More Summer Glimpses

BeerFest Dinner & Walking by the Lake.

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LC-A+ Russia Day : Summer Night Glimpses

Bene and I managed to take some 24 hours off to go to the seaside. It was barely a day, but we manage to sunbathe like lizars, swim in the sea, dine out with my lifeguard friend Emi and then get a drink at my former favorite lounge bar [the previous owner used to make the best negroni in the whole world!]. The first two were taken in my bedroom at my granma's seaside house, the third one in the dehor of the bar I was talking about, and the last one is one of the books I've been reading this summer, William S. Burroughs' "Junky".http://www.flickr.com/photos/sidseltilotte/7863788460/in/photostream

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LC-A+ Russia Day : Ikea Afternoon

Earlier this summer B and I got to do many of our favorite things, among which are going to concerts, going shopping, eating out and hanging out at Ikea [and eating out there as well]. It is actually forbidden to take pictures in Ikea stores, in Italy, at least, but we always have so much fun taking silly shots, there, we just can't help taking it.

Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day + Fuji Pro 800z

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LC-A+ Russia Day: Out with the Doggies

Photos I took at the park last April. My collie, my mom and her rottweiler [still a puppy].
Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day & Unknown Color Negative 400ASA film [expired].
I <3 light leaks!

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