Diana F+: Jolly Roger

The reason behind this is that tomorrow Bene&I are going to see Pete And The Pirates play live @our favourite music venue!

Bene has to be my best music buddy ever, and last time we've been together to a show was January 2010 [we saw Paul Collins Beat that time, but we've seen some very underground-ish acts you surely never heard before, but that's pretty a long list and I won't bother to write it down, but you don't really care so it's ok].

Hope we'll take tons of pics, 'cause this blog looks pretty empty, don't ya think?

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Canon Ae-1: Dru

I love film because it makes your dog's fur look in picture as soft as it feels on your skin. Forever.

I look at the second picture from above, and it feels like caressing her. I feel empty when I think I might not be able to stroke her someday. That's why I choose film. Because it will make it easier to remember how my fingers tingled sinking into her coat.

Canon Ae-1 * Kodak Ultramax 400 [test]
April 2011, 7 month-old furry shadow

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