Canon Ae-1: Dru

I love film because it makes your dog's fur look in picture as soft as it feels on your skin. Forever.

I look at the second picture from above, and it feels like caressing her. I feel empty when I think I might not be able to stroke her someday. That's why I choose film. Because it will make it easier to remember how my fingers tingled sinking into her coat.

Canon Ae-1 * Kodak Ultramax 400 [test]
April 2011, 7 month-old furry shadow

Sidsel T.

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


  1. this broke my heart a little. just the other day, my spirits fell when i thought about the future and how my dogs cannot live as long as i. this makes me want to shoot film so much. (: these photos leave me in awe. <3 xx

  2. you're so right! film makes everything softer. the hair looks so much better in film than in digital...
    i often think about how it would be if my cat died... it's not a good feeling! so i just brush it off my head.
    judging by these you'll have plenty of lovely memories :)

  3. I love film for that too, thats such a lovely way to think of it, though I do think it makes everything better. If I had a dog I would take so many photos too.

  4. AGREED! Your dog and all of these shots are really lovely, i lovel looking into their little details of fur as well. They look like paintings.

    Thankyouuu so much for stopping by and i really hope you get to take photo of strangers too. It's nerve racking as for me too but unexpected conversations and a little fact about them truly makes your day :)

  5. i absolutely adore these shots of your dog! i t feels really personal, and you can see the softness and warmth from your dog's eyes :-) i would love to see more shots of your dog if you have anymore?

  6. Yes, there's a lovely texture to these photos :) I haven't really tried taking film photos of my dogs (they always move!) but maybe I will give it a shot after all!

  7. Thanks everyone!
    @Karina: I have TONS!
    @Hannah: You definitely should!