Lomo LC-A+ "Russia Day": Brush Away

Last week has been the most exciting time in the whole year. Dog days are over now, and they're over for good this time. New school, new people, new things to do. And then news news news which have nothing to do with it. And then Christmas presents to give and to receive, valuable time spent with my family, positive thinkers all around, the saddest year coming to an end and a new one just about to begin. A complete brush on a life that's been making me sick for months.

I don't have anything Christmas-y to share, I wouldn't even feel like. I don't feel like jingle bells and stuff, I just feel I can't wait 'till December 31st, I need something to happen. It just kills me that I can't say a thing. I'd rather climb on a mountain and scream it out. Loud.

Last night I was listening to a Screaming Trees record, and these lines caught my attention:
"I got to tell you, goodbye mama
We've taken this too far
Been trying to tell you what's going on"
I started laughing hysterically. I'm sad as fuck now that I realize this is just how this all will end. At least, I got Mark Lanegan to listen to. Which ain't bad at all. Believe me, it ain't.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year or whatsoever, y'all.
I might come back before 2012, who knows.
See ya.

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Canon Ae-1: Times Like These

Canon Ae-1 + Fuji Superia 800 [expired in 2009]
The green light is just natural light through some weird curtains I 've made that my mom hates. It doesn't look that green in real life, actually.

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LC-A+ Russia Day: Compulsory Ice Cream Date

Whenever N comes back to the city, you are expected to get her to her favorite ice cream bar in town. And that's the only way to get her pose for you. Ice cream. Lots of :-)
I obviously only like the first picture above, the other ones are quite crappy. In my defence, I was just toying around to get to know the distance setting and the lightmeter of this little baby I love oh so much.

LC-A+ "Russia Day" + Fuji Superia 1600 [exp.2009]
Pictures featured in my last article for Lomography.

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LC-A+ Russia Day: Ikea Lunch with Bene

 A few days after our "Seaside Rush", during the first days of October, Bene and I both had a spare afternoon, so we thought to go to Ikea and have lunch there. We did, only at 4pm. We ate their wonderfull meatballs "kottbullar" [let this girl dream] and treated ourselves with nutella crêpes. And took a couple of pictures, as I still had a couple of shots left in my Russia Day.

This picture here was supposed to be the first picture and the preview of my latest article for Lomography, a review of Fuji Superia 1600, but as it was published earlier today I found the picture was changed. I was a bit pissed about it at first, but I like the picture the editor chose as well [I'm gonna feature it in some next post].

Now I'm off to some heavy chilling-out. Wish y'all a great weekend!

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